About Me

I was born and raised in Esbjerg where I lived till I was 22 years old. During my childhood and adolescence my interest for music grew and has ever since been main interest in life. In 1988 I moved to London where I played music and various other things. In the beginning of the nineties I started to write songs and I have since then been quite productive. At about the same time my interest for the spiritual started to grow and I have periods done concentrated studies of the esoteric literature. Today it forms an important aspect on my view on life and is often part of my lyrics.

In the eighties I played in various musical constellations like Mette Volmer Band (which then was based in Vejen) with Jan Kaspersen (Lis Sørensen, Jette Torp, Ester Brohus, Mek Pek) and Søren Kaspersen (Hit med 80’serne), som jeg senere dannede Trio Treo med. This trio was at the then ’Café Biograf’s’ (Esbjerg) anniversary augmented to  Trio Treo + 3 – Kurt Nielsen (Hit med 80’erne), Troels Vagn Jacobsen og Sten Elten (Jesper Thilo, Finn Ziegler, Ole Kock Hansen).

On the Jazz/fusions front I formed Pee Wee together with Henrik Marstal (D-A-D, C.V. Jørgensen, Peter Sommer, Martin Hall, Marie Frank, Ibens) Jesper Buhl, Sten Elten, Flemming Olsen. In the short period we existed we achieved do a support the Danish fusion band danske fusionsband – Frontline.

In highschool I together with Bjørn Banke (Kinky Bootbeast, Bleeder), Jens Brimness, Thomas Pedersen and Anders Dupont formed E.G. Bluesband, which with great succes played at the then Ribe Rock festival.

From August 1988 to August 2003 I lived in London and among other things did a one year Diploma degree in sound engineering.

In 1998 I started my own band – ’YSR’ – playing my own songs around London.

Tours (as guitarist):

  • England and Europa with Suzi Ragsdale (US) og Joy Lynn White (US).
  • England and Europa with Will Faeber Band (US).

TV credits:

  • VH1 (sister channel to MTV) with Colette.

CD credits (as musician):

  • Islanders: Once Again
  • Margot Westmark: Når jeg får fri

Recording session credits:

  • P.J. Duncan (Ant and Dec)
  • Mike Olton (Producer/Programmer/Songwriter)
  • Biba Demattia
  • Patti Layne
  • Wendon Davis
  • Colette (Pet Shop Boys, Billy Ray Martin, The Beloved)

During my stay in London I was guitarist/bassist/percussionist and Musical Director for various London based bands/projects and singer/songwriters:

  • Colette (Pet Shop Boys, Billy Ray Martin, The Beloved)
  • Patti Layne
  • Brain Child
  • Ketch Cargo
  • Janelle Scialla
  • The Incorrigibles
  • Tamsin Gray
  • Johnny Guitar
  • Biba Demattia
  • Helen Webb
  • Nancy Falkow (US)
  • Jenny Allen (US/CAN)
  • Veronica Rivera (US/UK)
  • Will Kevans
  • Tantra and Steve Finch

I have in various constellations played with the following muscicians:

  • UK:
    • Niel Conti – (Prefab Sprout, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Annie Lennox, Youssou N´dour, Deep Forest, Primal Scream, Level 42, Cher, Steve Winwood, Paul Young)
    • John Mackenzie – (Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Seal, Eurythmics, The Pretenders, Eternal, Shakira, Lionel Richie)
    • Andy Hobson – (The Pretenders)
    • Wendon Davis – (Mary J. Blige, D-Ream)
    • Martyn Swain – (Julian Lennon, The Water Boys, Amiee Mann)
    • Jim Kimberley – (Mark Knopfler, Mark King, Squeeze, Nick Heyward, Glen Tilbrook, The Albion Band, Colin Vearncombe)
    • Dzal Martin – (Van Morrison, Meat Loaf, Roxette, Right Said Fred, Rick Wakeman, Nick Kershaw, Del Shannon, Tom Robinson, Equals, Terry Reid, Cheetah )
    • Giles McCormack-Smith – (Celtus)
    • Jesper Mattson (One Two)
  • DK:
    • Jan Kaspersen (Lis Sørensen, Jette Torp, Ester Brohus, Mek Pek)
    • Søren Kaspersen (Hit med 80’erne)
    • Kurt Nielsen (Hit med 80’erne)
    • Jan Mols (Henning Stærk, Henning Kvitnes, Shaky Ground, Link Wray, Dan Baird)
    • Henrik Marstal: (D-A-D, C.V. Jørgensen, Peter Sommer, Martin Hall, Marie Frank, Ibens)
    • Sten Elten (Jesper Thilo, Finn Ziegler, Ole Kock Hansen)

Songwriting and co-writing:

Since I in the beginning of the nineties started writing songs I have written over 250 songs and compositions and over 50 co-writes.

My song ‘Always on the Run’ was chosen to the final in the ‘Unisong’ songwriting contest – only 10% of all the songs the entered were chosen to the final (screened by ‘TAXI’ (US)).

I have co-written with Carrie Lennard, Sue Bennett (Sue James), Patti Layne, KatjaWuchterl, Pauline Southcombe (Cora), Paul Christopher, Biba Demattia, Tina Adeshile, Synco Van Keulen, Bent Gudme, Aidan Matthews, Richard Rangeley, Andreas Sigumfeldt Jensen (Parkering forbudt) og Viv Youell.


  • As a songwriter:
    • ‘Talk to Me’ – Sarah Jory: ‘Kiss My Innocence’ (1998)
  • As a Co-writer:
    • ‘Angels Came’ – Carrie Lennard: ‘Kayla’
    • ‘Cynical Lullabye’ – Patti Layne: ‘Prairie Burn’ (2010)
    • ‘Best Behaviour’ – Patti Layne: ‘Prairie Burn’ (2010)